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As the forefront producer and distributor of Latin films for the US, we advise, manage and provide all development services - including the creation of media strategies, marketing and advertising - for our select pool of films, which are then exhibited in movie theaters with the greatest Latin influence across the country.


The bulk of our services are performed in tandem with various divisions of Horizon Media. Horizon Media is the largest privately held media services agency in the world. EMAX STUDIOS enjoys full access to the expert teams within its theatrical and analytics departments. This enables us to provide our clients with complete planning and activation across all media platforms.



EMAX STUDIOS serves as a traditional agency performing the following for our Hispanic clientele:


  • Creating a media plan using target demographics, release patterns, budget and research.


  • Trafficking all creative content to the appropriate media outlets.


  • Performing post analysis on all campaigns to gather competitive information for research purposes.


  • Creating budgets and schedules.


  • Identifying core targets.


  • Planning the media insertion calendar.


  • Implementing the placement.


  • Monitoring results.


With access to industry leading, detailed research and reporting systems, we are able to gather the information needed to make the best-informed advertising decisions.

We place media based on your target demographic on the following platforms:

  • Network Television


  • National Cable/Syndication


  • Syndicated TV Shows


  • EMAX Studios Copy Suggestions


  • Spot Broadcast


  • Spot Cable


  • Digital and Social Media

  • Network Radio


  • Spot Radio


  • National and Local Newspapers


  • National Magazines


  • Trade Magazines


  • Out of Home Advertising


  • And Much More




By evaluating what is working in your media plan we are able to update the campaign in real-time (pivot) in order to continuously ensure that every media dollar is maximized to its full potential.


The following documentation is provided to insure transparency and accountability:

  • Records of all transactions regarding advertising, including back-up documentation.


  • Update campaigns on-the-fly as necessary.


  • Copies of paid invoices are presented to client with signed affidavits of performance. 


100% of a film's promotional costs can benefit from a P&A Loan recoupment. P&A Loans are cross collateralized against each picture’s US revenues (Theatrical, VOD, SVOD, DVD, & TV). We determine the size of the P&A loan based on an in-depth analysis, testing and researching the market of the film’s potential. The recoupment of a P&A loan is governed by a lockbox collection account management agreement (CAMA's) which receives all film revenues. In this way, we help you by assuming 100% of the risk associated with distribution and release.


We look for target films with a broad commercial appeal and strong Hispanic identity for wide release, in color, in Spanish, at least 90 minutes long and with no more restrictive than “R”.  


At EMAX STUDIOS we engage with qualified third-party testing companies used by the major studio distributors in the US to determine the “playability” of a picture by testing films across diverse audiences. The same testing companies determine the “marketability”, by testing for the effectiveness of marketing materials with specific target audiences identified by the playability testing. We also conduct awareness testing, tracking the effectiveness of the marketing materials leading up to opening weekend.

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